You Are My More

Sweeping love ballad a la Josh Groban [female vocal]

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You Are My More

Could drink every raindrop and banish all my thirst
I could pocket every star across the universe
Count every grain of sand along the widest beach
But somehow love’s promise was out of my reach

Settled for less, my dream fell to the floor
When my heart was empty, you let your love pour

You are my more
The answer to my longing
You are my more
A deeper day is dawning
You fill a canyon in my heart
With everything you are
You are mine and I am yours
You are my.. more

Couldn’t put my finger on it, couldn’t find the words
I was searching for that magic, a burst of fireworks
You painted my darkness into a Van Gogh sky
Everything I ever wanted is here in your eyes


We were circling each other
Waiting to collide
You knocked on my heart
and I pulled you deep inside
Love is a stranger
I invited to stay
And you are a gift
I open every day

Janice FitzGerald/Andrew Underberg


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