(Mid-tempo about being able to face anything with the right person. Female vocal)

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Let the rain pour
Let the ocean roar
Let the lighting call our names
We’ve got our own sky
And it’s filled with sunshine
And that’s never gonna change
Up against the strongest tide
You and I will stand and fight

We are invincible
Baby it’s beautiful
We’ve got an unconditional love
We are unbreakable
Our own little miracle
We’ve got an unconditional love

Let the road turn
Let all the signs blur
Can’t get lost with you by my side
When the night is darkest
You are my compass
What we’ve got cannot be denied
Even if we stumble through
We’ll find our way, me and you


Love, giving without asking,
Love, with you it’s everlasting


Janice FitzGerald/Jennifer Marks


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