Smart is Beautiful

(A fun “smart girls rule” up-tempo. Female Vocal)

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I’ve been wearing glasses since the 2nd grade
I think sports are overrated
I’m in a coffee shop reading a book
I’m so deep into it I barely look up
My favorite class this year is English lit
I go to parties and don’t know where I fit

But all that changed when he walked in
And asked me what I was reading

Smart is beautiful
I believe in myself
Smart is beautiful
I got a story to tell of a girl who felt a little insecure
Until she figured out she is much more
Super brainy, a little crazy
With an amazing heart
Smart, smart is beautiful

Lots of girls think they have to play dumb
Find a way to trip over their tongues
Don’t they know they can be who they are
Shine bright like a shooting star
What you get is what you see
Won’t hide a single part of me


I can learn to fly, sky dive
Write a novel, bungee jump or start a kickin’ band
I can run a country, walk the moon,
Do anything I wanna do ‘cause smart girls can

© Janice FitzGerald/Kristin Sakoda/Noel Cohen


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