Sacred Silence

(Piano ballad about listening to your heart.  Female vocal)

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Through a waterfall of tears
I’m reaching out for You
I close my weary eyes
And long to be renewed

In the quiet of my heart
I’m calling out your name
There is no need to speak
You hear me just the same (‘cause)

You are here
In this sacred silence
You are here
In the stillness of my soul
Healing me with your loving touch
Without a word you say so much
Dear God I pray that I won’t ever break
This sacred silence

Looking to the heavens above
At the face of every star
All Your love is shining down
On every corner of my heart

The sky is whispering
You’ll never be alone
I have traveled long and far
Just to get this close


There are nights that I can hear the of my tears
But you surround me and I believe


© Janice FitzGerald/ Marissa Pontecorvo


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