Pull Me In

Sexy Norah Jones-like ballad about spending the day in bed [Female vocal]

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You wrap me around your fingertips
And pull me in to your kiss
So lost in your charms, so found in your arms
Eyes are the windows to the soul
I look into yours and I know
There’s nothing to do, this restless heart belongs to you

You’re the spool, and I’m the thread
Drawing me toward you, into the bed
Tangled in night
fool for your caress, so powerless
Unravel me again
And pull me in

Flying on wings of twilight
Between sheets of linen white
We’ve been here before, we let this love pour
The sound of your whisper on my neck
The sweet tickle of your breath
This moment is ours, we kiss, we drift into the stars


© Janice FitzGerald/Kat Spina


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