No Quittin’ Us

(Pop/country mid-tempo about not giving up on love.  Male vocal)

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Like a sky that just won’t rain
There was always tension in the air
Every time we tried to talk
We’d retreat into our own little worlds
Getting closer and closer to nowhere
Then with a passion of a Georgia thunderstorm
It all came pouring out at once and we finally knew what we were fighting for

We stopped holding back, got everything out
Let the truth and the pain  all through the house
We ended up stickin’ cuz there’s no quittin’ us
Kept at it all night till the sun crept in
We laughed and we cried, yeah we did everything
Everything but give up, there’s no quittin’, no quittin’ us

Sometimes I’ve felt lonely
Sometimes you couldn’t breathe
But we both felt something stop us
A little voice saying don’t leave
Cuz our love’s the pulse running through each other’s veins
All I want is her beside me and that’s one thing that aint ever gonna change


Call us stubborn, relentless, call us crazy as they come
Just don’t ever, ever call us done


© Janice FitzGerald / David Stewart


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