My New Normal

Uptempo about a girl getting used to having a boyfriend around. [Female vocal}

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My New Normal

I was always the single one
On my own, not needing anyone
Saw my friends acting crazy
Didn’t think love was meant for me

Then I met you and it flipped a switch
Didn’t think it could feel like this
All I know is now I’m liking it
Yeah I’m liking it, I’m liking it

This is my new normal
Everything has changed
This is my new normal
And I wanna stay
This is my new normal
Loving you this way
It’s how it oughtta be
With you standing next to me
Take my heart, it’s yours to keep
Yeah, this is my new normal

Every time I look into your eyes
It’s like I’m falling right through the sky
Feels like a dream
And I’m living it, yeah I’m living it


Your crooked smile
Your soft, sweet lips
Those faded jeans
Hanging off your hips
Yeah baby, I could get used to this


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