I Wanna Try You On

(Mid-tempo about wanting to know if a relationship will work. Female vocal)

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You wind me up like a Rolex watch
My heart keeps ticking faster, just can’t stop
Stuck inside my head, giving me a buzz
You get me on a high like no one does
Baby I’m so into you
I’m falling without a parachute

I wanna ry you on like a skin-tight dress
Like a T shirt lying across my chest
I wanna try you on, I wanna try you on
I wanna try you on see if you fit
Slip you over my head, around your hips
I wanna try you on, I wanna try you on

You light me up like the Vegas Strip
There’s neon running through my fingertips
Come on roll the dice, baby, place your bets
I’ll give you a night you won’t forget
Baby, I’m so into you
It’s crazy, do you feel it too?


I can’t let it go
I just gotta know
Is this wrong or right
Will you let me breathe or hold me way too tight?


Janice FitzGerald / Hugh Colocott/Jimmy Santis


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