I Dream in Color

(Inspirational mid-tempo about believing in yourself.  Male Vocal)

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There was a time when I wrapped myself in a blanket of gray
Stumbling though the shadows trying to find my way
I felt so all alone till the sun came out and kissed the sky
Now I can see that life is so much more
Than wrong or right, black or white

I dream in color
The deepest red, the bluest blue
I dream in color
Now there’s nothing I can’t do
I feel like my heart is gonna burst
Like every day could be my first
So full of hope and wonder
I dream in color

My world is changing fast, and I’m holding on to all I could be
I see a rainbow of endless possibilities
And everything’s come down to one perfect moment in time
No way to know just what the future holds
But it’s my time to make it shine


Looked beyond what I could see
Had my doubts now I believe
There’s nothing stopping me


Janice FitzGerald /Dan Ferrari


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