Goin’ Viral

Uptempo Dance/boy band song about a new relationship [Male Vocal]

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Red umbrella, we were walking in the rain
I stopped to kiss to you and I was never the same
Gotta tell ya, feels like I’m going insane
It’s like my heart’s falling from an airplane
No way to deny it,
Couldn’t hide it if I tried

Now we’re goin’ goin’ viral
Every single smile shouts it out to the world
We’re goin’ goin’ viral
Spreading like fire baby, haven’t you heard
Everyone can see what you mean to me
That I’m hooked on you, aint no mystery
We’re goin’ goin’ viral
Oh Viral

Hot news travels faster than speed of light
Dancing through the stars, bouncing off satellites
Love unravels right before your very eyes
Just takes a second before you realize
Nobody can stop it
Yeah we got it going on


Feels like my heart is gonna burst
Gotta share it with the universe
Can’t help but notice, no way to slow this down


(Janice FitzGerald/Andrew Underberg/Evan Coles)


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