Figure 8

Mid-tempo acoustic pop song about being meant for each other [Male vocal]

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Watch you through the window
As the train pulls out of sight
You’re slowly disappearing
Until you fade into the night

But it won’t be long
Until you’re in my arms again
I know it’s hard
But it’s the way it’s always been

Like a figure 8 going round and round and round
It’s no mistake, when I was lost, it’s you I found
A perfect design, an unbreakable line
With all that we’ve been through
I always come back
Always come back to you

Every miles between us
Makes me miss you a little more
Counting down the minutes
Till I’m walking through your door

Out of sight
Is never out of mind
You’re here with me
Deep down inside


I look up at the stars
Falling into line
I’m lying next to you
Taking our sweet time
There will be no tears
When I have to go
Cuz Baby, baby you know


Janice FitzGerald/James Adamo


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