20/20- (NEW)

Positive, fun, pop electronica song about knowing where you’re headed in life after being a bit lost for a while. [Female vocal]

A Big Red Neon Love

Fun up-tempo about being hopelessly in love and wanting everyone to know it.  [Female Vocal]

A Girl Like You

Acoustic ballad about a chance meeting that could lead to love.   [Male Vocal]

A World With No Goodbye

Hard Rock song a la Creed about finally finding peace and happiness [Male vocal]

Anything But Ordinary

Up-tempo girl power anthem.  [Female Vocal]

Awesome World

Mid-tempo acoustic about appreciating the world around us.   [Male Vocal]


Fun up-tempo à la Katy Perry. About getting up the nerve to break up with someone. [Female vocal]

Battle Cry (New)

A strong female empowerment uptempo at la Fight Song [Female vocal]

Be Your Own Champion

A female-empowerment anthem [Female vocal}

Beautiful Disaster

Up-tempo about surviving a difficult relationship.   [Male Vocal]

Beautifully Broken

6/8 ballad about seeing the beauty in a damaged heart [Male vocal]

Best Day Ever

Ad ad-friendly, fun uptempo about loving life [Female vocal]

Blindfold Me

Sexy Latin pop a la Enrique Iglesias [Male vocal]

Born to Fight (New)

A song of encouragement in the face of obstacles a la Sharon Van Etten or Brandi Carlile [Female vocal]


Inspirational, up-tempo song, a la Katy Perry, about being fearless [Female vocal]

Bring Me Back Home

Mid-tempo a la Nickelback about someone who’s always there for you.   [Male Vocal]

But You

Up-tempo rock about wanting to end a relationship.  [Female Vocal]

Chasing Shadows

Mid-tempo acoustic pop song about trying to connect with someone. [Female vocal]

Click Click Click

Up-tempo tween song about finding the right person.   [Female Vocal]

Don’t Let It Fall

Up-tempo about taking a chance on love   [Male Vocal]


A lullaby for my daughter [Female vocal]


Haunting piano ballad about wanting what others have.   [Male Vocal]


A really fun Summery uptempo a la Cake By the Ocean

Every Day I (New)

A female empowerment anthem [Female vocal]

Figure 8

Mid-tempo acoustic pop song about being meant for each other [Male vocal]


A fun up-tempo about trying to get over someone.   [Female Vocal]


Bouncy mid-tempo about making your own choices.  [Female Vocal]

Goin’ Viral

Uptempo Dance/boy band song about a new relationship [Male Vocal]


Tender, acoustic ballad about losing a loved one and trying to move on.   [Male Vocal]

Graffiti on My Heart

Up-tempo R&B about finding love and letting everyone know.   [Female Vocal]

Half Way

Up-tempo dance song about wanting to fix a broken relationship.  [Male Vocal]

Hello Miracle

Heartfelt ballad about having a child.   [Female Vocal]


A haunting ballad about feeling empty.   [Female Vocal]

I Could Get Used To You

Guitar/vocal about being surprised by love [Female vocal]

I Dream in Color

Inspirational mid-tempo. Perfect for “Idol” pitch. About believing in yourself.   [Male Vocal]

I Feel Pretty

Quirky mid-tempo about feeling good about yourself.  [Female Vocal]

I Got This

A fun girl power uptempo. [Female Vocal]

I Love to Hate You

Fun soul/pop a la Adele [Female vocal]

I See Beauty

Uplifting 6/8 ballad about knowing your worth [Female vocal]

I Wanna Try You On

Mid-tempo about wanting to know if a relationship will work.   [Female Vocal]

I Was Here

Rock up-tempo about leaving your mark.   [Female Vocal]


Fun up-tempo about feeling “seen” by the right guy.  [Female Vocal]

Island of Misfit Boys

Katy Perry-esque song about liking guys that can be themselves [Female vocal]

It Only Goes Up From Here

An optimistic view of where life can lead [Male vocal]


Pop/R&B mid-tempo about a shaky relationship.  [Female Vocal]

Last First Kiss

Fun up-tempo about wanting a friendship to me more. [Female vocal}

Leave A Mark

A slinky girl power mid-tempo about making a lasting impression.   [Female Vocal]

Let Go

Uplifting mid-tempo about moving on [Female vocal]

Like a Rumor

Beautiful acoustic mid-tempo about loving someone you can’t have.   [Male/Female Duet]

Lost in Translation

Dreamy mid-tempo about losing your way in a relationship.   [Female Vocal]

Love This Life

Bouncy mid-tempo about being grateful for every day.  [Female Vocal]

Love Will Go On

An uplifting song of hope. [Female vocal]

My Beat, My Drum

Up-tempo, percussive song about having an independent spirit. [Female vocal]

My Happy

Quirky mid-tempo about how the little things bring joy.   [Female Vocal]

My Horizon

Mid-tempo a la Nico and Vinz and Mr Probz [Male vocal]

My New Normal

Uptempo about a girl getting used to having a boyfriend around. [Female vocal}

My Possession (New)

A song about wanting something badly. Perfect song for a car commercial


Mid-tempo about being emotionally vulnerable.   [Male Vocal]


Quirky ballad about how love can change you


Fast and fun song a la Charli XCX [Female vocal]

Our World Tonight

Dreamy mid-tempo about shutting the world out and just being in love.   [Female Vocal]


About the mixed feelings involved in a potential break-up.  [Female Vocal]

Pendulum-(male rock version)

About the mixed feelings involved in a potential break-up. [Male vocal]

Pull Me In

Sexy ballad about spending the day in bed [Female vocal]

Raining Sunshine (NEW!)

Mid-tempo, fun song about feeling good and enjoying life! [Female vocal]

Remember When

Acoustic ballad about valuing friendship.   [Male Vocal]

Sea Glass

Stunning ballad about finding beauty in what was once throw away. [Female vocal]

Sea Glass Singer/Songwriter version

A more stylized interpretation of the previous ballad. About finding beauty in what was once throw away. [Female vocal]


Uplifting ballad about finding the one person who really understands you. [Female vocal]


Up-tempo about feeling alone in a relationship.   [Female Vocal]

Sky Full of Smiles

Perfect feel-good song for a commercial [Female Vocal]


Uptempo jangly pop about finding the one [Male vocal]

Slow Bleed- (New)

A break up song a la Lana Del Rey or Regina Spektor

Smart is Beautiful

A fun “smart girls rule” up-tempo.   [Female Vocal]

Stained Glass Heart

Ethereal electronica song about rebuilding your life after a breakup [Female vocal]

Start Over

Positive, mid-tempo song about new beginnings and putting the past behind you. [Female vocal]

Stealing My Heart Away

Piano/vocal about finding the right person.  [Female Vocal]

Sunny Side Up

Bouncy mid-tempo about looking on the bright side of every situation.  [Male Vocal]

Sunshine in a Bottle

Breezy pop song about taking life as it comes.  [Female Vocal]

Thank You

A song about being grateful for the little things [Female vocal]

That Side of Me

Mid-tempo R&B about the one person who knows you best.   [Female Vocal]

The Highs Are Higher

Sunny mid-tempo about appreciating life.  [Male Vocal]

The Skin I’m In

Up-tempo pop/rock about being happy with who you are.  [Female Vocal]

Three Words Away

Fun pop/dance up-tempo a la One Direction

Through Your Eyes

Bubbly up-tempo about how someone can change the way you look at the world.  [Female Vocal]

Til the Lonely Is Gone

Fun up-tempo dance.   [Female Vocal]

Tinted Windows

Rhianna meets Sade mid-tempo [Female vocal]

Took Away My Sky

Beautiful ballad about losing true love.  [Female Vocal]


Mid-tempo about being able to face anything with the right person.   [Female Vocal]

Unravel Me

A dreamy ballad about a seduction.   [Female Vocal]

What’s Next

Uptempo pop/country song about the excitement that comes with starting over [Female Vocal]

When the Heart Waits

Dreamy ballad about waiting for the right person  [Female Vocal]

You Are My More

Sweeping love ballad a la Josh Groban [Male vocal]

You Are the Wind

A aong about knowing our loved ones are always with us even after they die [Male vocal]

You’re the Moon and I’m the Water

Romantic ballad that sounds like a wedding song [Male vocal]