Sky Full of Smiles

Perfect feel-good song for a commercial [Female Vocal]


Uptempo jangly pop about finding the one [Male vocal]

Slow Bleed- (New)

A break up song a la Lana Del Rey or Regina Spektor

Smart is Beautiful

A fun “smart girls rule” up-tempo.   [Female Vocal]

Spare Parts

Up-tempo rocker about finding new love.  [Female Vocal]

Stained Glass Heart

Ethereal electronica song about rebuilding your life after a breakup [Female vocal]

Start Over

Positive, mid-tempo song about new beginnings and putting the past behind you. [Female vocal]

Stealing My Heart Away

Piano/vocal about finding the right person.  [Female Vocal]

Sunny Side Up

Bouncy mid-tempo about looking on the bright side of every situation.  [Male Vocal]

Sunshine in a Bottle

Breezy pop song about taking life as it comes.  [Female Vocal]

Thank You

A song about being grateful for the little things [Female vocal]

That Side of Me

Mid-tempo R&B about the one person who knows you best.   [Female Vocal]

The Day After Christmas Day

After all the presents and unwrapped, it’s time to finally relax and enjoy family. [Female vocal by Karen Jacobsen]

The Highs Are Higher

Sunny mid-tempo about appreciating life.  [Male Vocal]

The Skin I’m In

Up-tempo pop/rock about being happy with who you are.  [Female Vocal]

The Strength to Stay

A personal song about domestic violence written through the eyes of a child. [Female vocal]

The Third Time

Bluesy mid-tempo about the being tempted by an old flame.  [Female Vocal]

Three Words Away

Fun pop/dance up-tempo a la One Direction

Through Your Eyes

Bubbly up-tempo about how someone can change the way you look at the world.  [Female Vocal]

Thursday Is the New Friday

A fun party song about kicking off the weekend early! A la Luke Bryan or Florida Georgia Line [Male vocal]

Til the Lonely Is Gone

Fun up-tempo dance.   [Female Vocal]

Tinted Windows

Rhianna meets Sade mid-tempo [Female vocal]

Took Away My Sky

Beautiful ballad about losing true love.  [Female Vocal]


Mid-tempo about being able to face anything with the right person.   [Female Vocal]

Underage Thinking

Fun uptempo about remembering what it was like to be young.  [Male Vocal]

Unravel Me

A dreamy ballad about a seduction.   [Female Vocal]

What’s Next

Uptempo pop/country song about the excitement that comes with starting over [Female Vocal]

When the Heart Waits

Dreamy ballad about waiting for the right person  [Female Vocal]

When the Time Comes

Heartfelt ballad about the mother of an adopted child.  [Female Vocal]

When You Get Into Your Car

A song about how different we can be when we drive. Sometimes we show a whole different side of our personalities. [Male vocal]

Whiskey Blue

Dark, smoky ballad a la Lucinda Williams.  [Female Vocal]

You Aint Going Fast Enough

Fun uptempo a la Rascal Flatts [Male vocal]

You Are

Uplifting ballad about everyday miracles.  [Female Vocal]

You Are My More

Sweeping love ballad a la Josh Groban [Male vocal]

You Are the Wind

A aong about knowing our loved ones are always with us even after they die [Male vocal]

You’re the Moon and I’m the Water

Romantic ballad that sounds like a wedding song [Male vocal]

Yours to Lose

Mid-tempo about being in love with someone who’s taken.  [Male Vocal]

Zero to Sixty

A fun uptempo song about falling for a hot girl [Male vocal]