American Boy

Country/rock a la John Mellencamp.  [Male Vocal]

Bad Enough To Be Good

Fun uptempo about liking a bad boy [Female vocal]

Beer’s Meant to Be Drunk (and So Are We)

A really fun party song a la Blake Shelton [Male vocal}

Chasing the Chase

Fun mid-tempo a la Blake Shelton about settling down.  [Male Vocal]

Chasing the Moon

Ballad about wanting someone who’s out of reach.  [Female Vocal]


A heartfelt father/daughter song.  [Male vocal]


Fun up-tempo about searching for adventure in life.  [Female Vocal]

Go Big

Fun Up-tempo about showing love on a grand scale.  [Male Vocal]

Happier By the Hour

Fun mid-tempo a la Jimmy Buffett.  [Male Vocal]

Hold Me Like You Hold Your Guitar

Guitar/vocal about falling for a musician [Female vocal]

How Do I Get Over You?

Bluesy mid-tempo about trying to heal after a breakup.  [Male Vocal]

I Can Try

Fun mid-tempo about giving your all in life.  [Female Vocal]

I Never Get Tired of the View

Fun uptempo love song about lasting love [Female Vocal]

I Was Raised That Way

Mid-tempo about valuing your roots.  [Female Vocal]

I’m Losing It

Bouncy mid-tempo about getting rid of the stress in your life.  [Male Vocal]

It Hit Me Hard

Acoustic ballad about how love grows over time.  [Male Vocal]

Learn You Like a Song (New)

A fun mid-tempo a la Florida Georgia Line or Luke Bryan [Male vocal]

Love at First Light

Positive up-tempo a la Rascal Flatts.  [Male Vocal]

My First

Love ballad about finding the right person at the wrong time.  [Male Vocal]

My Inheritance

Ballad about valuing the lessons we learn from family.  [Female Vocal]

No Quittin’ Us

Pop/country mid-tempo about not giving up on love.  [Male Vocal]

Road Tripping

Fun up-tempo about a lost weekend [Male vocal]

Spare Parts

Up-tempo rocker about finding new love.  [Female Vocal]

The Strength to Stay

A personal song about domestic violence written through the eyes of a child. [Female vocal]

The Third Time

Bluesy mid-tempo about the being tempted by an old flame.  [Female Vocal]

Thursday Is the New Friday

A fun party song about kicking off the weekend early! A la Luke Bryan or Florida Georgia Line [Male vocal]

Underage Thinking

Fun uptempo about remembering what it was like to be young.  [Male Vocal]

When the Time Comes

Heartfelt ballad about the mother of an adopted child.  [Female Vocal]

When You Get Into Your Car

A song about how different we can be when we drive. Sometimes we show a whole different side of our personalities. [Male vocal]

Whiskey Blue

Dark, smoky ballad a la Lucinda Williams.  [Female Vocal]

You Aint Going Fast Enough

Fun uptempo a la Rascal Flatts [Male vocal]

Yours to Lose

Mid-tempo about being in love with someone who’s taken.  [Male Vocal]

Zero to Sixty

A fun uptempo song about falling for a hot girl [Male vocal]