Battle Cry (New)

A strong female empowerment uptempo at la Fight Song [Female vocal]

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I got my sword, I got my shield
A burning torch inside my heart
Staring down the battlefield and I’m ready..

My dreams are endless, I am relentless,
I’ll keep fighting for what I want
This is my story, my territory
And I’ll defend it with all I’ve got

Hear my battle cry
The fight’s on
There’s no turning back now
Battle Cry
My heart’s strong
My boots are on the ground
No fear, no retreating
I won’t ever give up
As long as I’m breathing
This will be my battle cry
Hear my battle cry

I’m a force to be reckoned with
And there’s no way I’m leaving
I’m feelin’ brave, I got a way of believing

I spread like fire when I’m inspired,
Won’t let the haters take that away
Cuz I’m a fighter, a born survivor
And I got something to say


The revolution’s just begun
Hear my battle cry
And I’m not even close to done

A burning torch inside my heart


Janice FitzGerald/Hugh Colocott/Jimmy Santis


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