Angels in the Snow

(Timeless ballad about celebrating loved ones during the season.  Female vocal)

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Icicles clinking like a thousand champagne glasses
Every time the wind blows through the trees
Running hand in hand through this winter wonderland
Throwing snowballs like the kids we used to be
Twirling to the ground laughing at the sky
We spread our wings as far as they can go
Making angels, angels, angels in the snow

Cookies in the oven, hot cocoa on the stove
Looking out the frosty window pane
The kids are bundled up from their
Snow boots to their earmuffs
Wearing mittens on a string their grandma made
Twirling to the ground, laughing at the sky
They spread their wings as far as they can go
Angels, my little angels, angels in the snow

Daddy’s playing Santa, laughing just like grandpa
Doing all he can to fill the part
To all of you we’re missing,
We know you’re somewhere listening
Loving us, protecting us from harm
For every single snowflake that glistens in the sky
You’re sending us a blessing and I know
You’re angels, angels, angels in the snow.
Angels, angels, angels in the snow

 Janice FitzGerald /Elizabeth Jordan


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